How We Began


Coach Praxis was originally launched as The Academic Coach Project. It was designed to leverage life coach practices for educators. Opportunity met with capacity, and GROWTH HAPPENED!

Program Philosophy


Our guiding principles include: evidence-based approaches to life coaching practice, delivered using experiential method, that emphasize techniques that lead to conscious competence and adheres to ethical standards.

Our Work


The Coach Training Workshop is a professional pathway to life coaching that teaches method, technique and skill developent.


Our Master Class offerings provide coaches with strategies to increase their effectiveness. 

Get in Touch


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New Online Class on Professional Coaching
offered during FALL 2020  ---  Online Delivery
starts October 19, 2020!
This new training offering responds to 
our current COVID-19 reality, and provides an
opportunity for you to complete the
training requirements for the Academic Coach credential and start the process for
national certification as a
Board Certified Coach
Learn how elevate your Game as an Educator by serving as an Academic Coach! 
Registration for the Fall program is OPEN!
(New Online program is offered at the 2019 course registration rates)
Need HELP justifying this program, contact our office for draft approval documents for your supervisor/ program officer.

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